Game description


Tauri World

Tauri World

Tauri World is a real-time online game with an extensive dependency system and a multi-layered structure. In TAURI you can find approx. 20 types of buildings, various defense systems, flying aircraft and land units – a total of 25 types has been designed.

A unique system of colonization has been created giving players the opportunity to settle planets, including conquering eight islands on each of the planets.

How to play

To start the TAURI WORLD adventure, just sign up for free. When you click the Start game or Play for Free buttons, you will see the registration screen, where you have to enter your username and password and then click “Next”. After that, read the terms and conditions and accept them, type letters and numbers from image and click “Play”. At the beginning, the player’s primary objective is to develop one of the selected planets. The island made available to the player is underdeveloped. After some time, when you reach an adequate development level, it will be possible to colonize more planets.

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