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Tales of Nebezem: Four Fates

Tales of Nebezem: Four FatesThe chief has been poisoned and Marcus must decide how (and if) he’s going to save his clan. There are four scenarios with different puzzles and story leading to different endings, depending on who Marcus chooses to work for at the beginning.


Movement: WASD, Arrow keys, or left click
Interact, Select, Talk: Space, Z, Enter, or left click
Menu: X, Esc, or right click
(Open the menu to save/load your progress, or to change music/SFX volume.)
Inventory: I or click icon
Hide in shadows: H or click icon

Important: The game uses HTML5 LocalStorage to save your progress. If your browser blocks LocalStorage, you’ll get a security error – in that case, please enable LocalStorage (similar to cookies) in your browser.

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