Tag: escape

Dinner for Eight
Dinner for Eight Escape before you’re dinner. Find items and solve puzzles.
Dark Night Mystery
Dark Night Mystery Piece together a puzzling dark mystery. Find items and solve puzzles.
Curved Seashells
Curved Seashells Collect the seashells to escape. Collect items and solve puzzles.
Crazy Guitars
Crazy Guitars This is a room escape game. Solve puzzles, find the guitars and escape.
Crazy Globes
Crazy Globes Investigate the the mysteries and secrets in a room of crazy globes.
Country House Escape
Country House Escape Escape from the Country House as quickly as you can in this fun adventure game.
Colorful Balls Puzzles
Colorful Balls Puzzles Colorful Balls is an adventure escape game. Find items and solve the puzzle.
Cinema Escape
Cinema Escape Escape from a dangerous cinema, using your wits! Collect crucial items and use them appropriately...
Chicken Escape
Chicken Escape Help the Chicken Escape in this fun Action & Arcade game.
Catacomb’s Secret
Catacomb’s Secret Solve puzzles. Find objects to discover the secret. Nice adventure escape game.
Cabin Escape
Cabin Escape Escape a dangerous cabin as quickly as you can.
Botanist Mystery
Botanist Mystery   Botanist Mystery is a point and click type adventure game. Escape from a room...
Avalon Escape
Avalon Escape Use your wits to escape a mysterious and dangerous dungeon! Find the appropriate items in...
Attic Jamaway
Attic Jamaway Solve puzzles and escape from the Attic Jamaway as quickly as you can.
Apartment Escape 3
Apartment Escape 3 Again you are locked up in the apartment.  Try to figure out how to escape...
Apartment Escape 2
Apartment Escape 2 Escape the apartment as quickly as you can! Use your wits to piece together...
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