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La Playa Escape
La Playa Escape Escape from La Playa by finding items and solving puzzles.
Jinn’s Quest
Jinn’s Quest Find all of Jinn’s lamps in this escape game by finding items and solving puzzles.
Inventor’s Quest
Inventor’s Quest Escape from the Inventor’s room. Find items and solve puzzles.
House Spirit Secret
House Spirit Secret Discover the secret of the House Spirit! Find items and solve puzzles.
Hill House
Hill House Escape from Hill House in this fun and exciting Puzzle game.
Helicopter`s Quest
Helicopter`s Quest This is a helicopter themed adventure game. Escape the room by finding items and solving...
Heart Breaker
Heart Breaker Heart Breaker is an adventure escape game. Find items and solve puzzles to escape room.
Gardener’s Mystery
Gardener’s Mystery Solve the Gardener’s Mystery in this escape game. Find items and solve puzzle to open...
Garden Escape
Garden Escape Escape from a deadly garden using your wits and the items you find scattered around...
Gambling Escape
Gambling Escape Make your way out of the Gambling Room by finding the perfect tools to help...
Fountain Mystery
Fountain Mystery Unlock the mystery of the waters. An escape game with nice graphics.
Floors Escape 2
Floors Escape 2 Find your way out by finding items and solving puzzles in this adventure escape...
Floors Escape
Floors Escape Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzles! You can pick certain items up...
Film Critic Mystery
Film Critic Mystery Solve a Film Critic Mystery. Find items and solve puzzles in this escape game.
FBI Refuge
FBI Refuge Escape from a FBI Refuge as quickly as you can.
Farm Barn Escape
Farm Barn Escape   Follow clues to escape the barn and earn your freedom.
Eternal Elements
Eternal Elements Collect the Eternal Elements in this fun and exciting Puzzle game! Collect the valuable coins...
Egyptian Quest
Egyptian Quest Solve an Egyptian themed mystery. An adventure escape game.
Egypt Tomb Escape
Egypt Tomb Escape Escape from the Egyptian Tomb as quickly as you can in this tricky escapeĀ game....
Dolls Mystery
Dolls Mystery Solve a Dolls Mystery in this spooky Escape game. Use your wits to find the...
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