Tag: color match

Finders Critters
Finders Critters Help the sweet Critters to get from A to B! But your task is not...
Wizard Land
Wizard Land Once upon a time there was a magical world known as Wizard Land, where witches,...
Unfreeze Penguins
Unfreeze Penguins Unfreeze Penguins is a color matching game with nice graphics and fun to play.
Twist It
Twist It Twist It and solve the puzzles as quickly as you can to collect the golden...
Star Wars
Star Wars Mash invading marbles before they reach your planet in this colorful Marble Popper online game!...
Star Blocks
Star Blocks Rotate the pieces around to get rid of them in Star Blocks! Make quick matches...
Solitary Craft
Solitary Craft Round up the ladybugs with their similarly colored friends in Solitary Craft!
Smart Balls
Smart Balls Match the Smart Balls in high-scoring chains in this thrilling puzzle game!
Shaker Mix
Shaker Mix Catch the fruit with the matching colored glass.
Rock’n’ball Enjoy some Rock’n’ball and destroy the blocks as quickly as you can in this fun and...
Quad Bubble Extreme
Quad Bubble Extreme Destroy the bubbles before they fill up the tubes! Use special bombs to clear...
Pubbles Destroy the Pubbles as quickly as you can! Find the groups of similarly colored Pubbles and...
Penguin Boxes
Penguin Boxes Create some gorgeous Penguin Boxes as quickly as you can! Match up same colored boxes...
NoirBots Help the NoirBots in this fun Puzzle game. Change all ground pod colors to gray to pass...
Metheora Survive this puzzle game and make it through Metheora.
Merry Xsmash
Merry Xsmash Have a Merry Xsmash! This is an enjoying color matching game.
Match and Remove
Match and Remove   Match figures with same colors and clear the board. An enjoying puzzle game.
Marbyl Catch a barrage of prismatic marbyles in this colorful, online arcade game! Use your cursor to...
Kodoku 2
Kodoku 2 Enjoy Kodoku 2! An enjoying color matching puzzle game.
Kodoku Master Kodoku! An enjoying puzzle game.
Color Shift
Color Shift Experience a total shift in your perceptions with Color Shift! This tricky online game combines...
AquaBubbles Match up the AquaBubbles in this charming puzzle game!
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