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Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21

Super 21 Blackjack is the standard “Vegas” Blackjack that Blackjack Players know, along with added Bonus Hands.

The goal of the game of Super 21 is the same as any Blackjack Game, to end the Hand (Cycle of play) with any number combination, (suit of cards do not matter), that numerically total twenty-one “21” or come closer to 21 than the cards of the Dealer, without going over 21.

In this Super 21 Blackjack Game the Player(You) only plays against the dealer, one hand at a time.

How to play

Blackjack pays even money. Insurance pays 2:1. Dealer must Hit on Soft 17. Player always wins with a Blackjack. Double Down Any Time Once. Surrender Any Time.

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