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Storm Riders

Storm RidersMMORPG Storm Riders is not just a game, it is a legend that has come to life, where you will get an opportunity to become a kung-fu master and fulfill your destiny. Choose one of the four unique characters, who are not just great warriors, but, also, control the elements! Level-headed Cloud, kind-hearted Wind and Ash the Faithful or Dream the Warrioress. Become a legend of Kung-Fu – play a brand new browser MMORPG based on famous Wind and Cloud saga – Storm Riders!


Each character has it’s own story
Skills are unique for each character

Real-time battles.

Not just a turn-based strategy game, but a fast-paced visually intense action game where you need to react quickly and make rapid decisions during battles

PVP areas.

You will have to fight for everything: for glory, for territory and for the treasure!
You can decide to be a lone wolf or join the battles to help others

Team XP.

In Storm Riders your friends can fight by your side, the bigger your party is, the higher your chances to win, faster your characters level up

Meditation and offline mode.

In offline mode (aka AFK mode) your character can complete quests and get experience points when you’re away from your browser, while meditation gives you Spirit Points used to further your skills.

Skill system.

You can learn not only the traditional skill sets – attack and passive skills – but also the game includes natural skills. You need to build up your Fury level to start using them. Other kind of special skills, Spirit Weapons, will be unlocked after specified conditions are met.

This game about martial arts is so deep and well thought-out, that we could talk endlessly about this exceptional game, but nothing beats discovering this vast beautiful world for yourself. Mount your trusty steed and gather your friends, a dangerous and exciting adventure awaits you!

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