Game description



ShiftrixShiftrix is a puzzle game with similarities to Atomix. The player is presented with a top-down level with differently coloured blocks. Those blocks can be moved in any direction, but they automatically move into the chosen direction until they meet an obstacle, e.g. a wall or another block. In contrast to Atomix, the goal is not to create a shape but to vaporize all blocks with the usual tile-matching method: two or more blocks of the same colour disappear when they touch. Each level has to be solved within a certain time frame and a limited amount of bombs can be used to kill off single blocks. Multiplayer is always turn-based, but there is a choice if the turns are inside the level (i.e. the first player moves one block, then the second the next block and so on) or outside (i.e. the first player solves the level and then the second player gets a shot at it).


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