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Rail Nation

Rail NationRailway attraction – Millions of fans worldwide devote their spare time to the fascination and enjoyment of tracks, locomotives and routing. The browser game Rail Nation provides all interested strategy gamers, simulation lovers and railway enthusiasts with the chance to start their own railway company.

Supply and demand are calculated in real time based on the deliveries of all participating players and determine the price of goods. The profits earned from shipping goods can be used to upgrade the buildings in the station area or can be invested in new engines. Research plays a crucial role here. Only those who can keep up with time and deploy the most modern steam, diesel or electrical engines will be able to compete for victory. Through the option to form associations, Rail Nation emphasizes team work between friends, fellow players and possibly even rivals, allowing thousands of players to compete with and against each other on each server.

The simulation game Rail Nation is suitable to both, beginners and experienced players, and a game round will last between 3 – 4 months. One round consists of the simulation of six railway eras, each lasting for two weeks, and a final endgame in which players once again have to deliver goods to the most advanced cities. Rail Nation can be played online for free in all common browsers.

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