Game description


Omega Zodiac

Omega Zodiac is a Greek and Norse mythology based free-to-play action MMO. This browser-based game features guild battles and world bosses while giving players one of three classes to play as. Players can take the role of the knight — and up-close and personal melee class, the archer, and the arcane mage.

Each boast their own abilities — nine combo skills each, as well as 5 constellations per character with their own set of skills. Players can also unlock Sacred Sets of armor by collecting Star Maps. Activating the sets via Star Maps will boost certain character stats.

As with most MMORPGs, there is a full story to take part in as well as PvE and PvP. PvP includes guild battles while PvE players can battle world bosses that spawn every couple of hours.

The game is free-to-play via the Omega Zodiac site.

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