Game description


League of Angels

League of AngelsLeague of Angels is a turn-based combat MMORPG where players take on the role of heroes as they fight monsters, save beleaguered angels, collect gold and diamonds (the in-game currency), complete quests, and battle against the forces of evil. Players collect heroes and angels, level up their strengths, combine the ultimate combinations of fighters and fight through dungeons, bosses and other players in order to obtain gold, diamonds, EXP and many other rewards. In League of Angels players can unlock dozens of unique heroes with different skills and attributes. Each hero can then be properly equipped, leveled up and have his/her skills improved. Players can then choose which heroes they want to place in their battle formation. In addition to using heroes, each battle formation can contain one Angel. Angels can become very powerful when leveled up and will provide crucial support for your battle formation. As with heroes, there are many Angels that can be unlocked by players, each one with unique skills.

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