Game description


League of Angels 2

League of Angels 2League of Angels 2 is a browser RPG where players assemble a group of heroes to vanquish evil from the land. Progress through 2D stages by defeating enemies, making your way from left to right across the world, and unlock new areas. Encounter heroes possessed by darkness, defeat them, and recruit them to your party to aid you on your journey. Automatic gameplay systems perform combat and leveling to allow players to progress passively. Watch your heroes unleash vivid attacks, destroying endless waves of enemies. Enter the arena and test your party against the computer or partner up to conquer multiplayer dungeons.

League of Angels 2 Key Features:

Automatic Gameplay – let the game undertake combat and leveling for you, allowing you obtain passive victories.
Colorful Attacks – watch your heroes unleash an array of colorful and smoothly animated attacks.
Collect Heroes – unlock new heroes by defeating them in combat and then purchase them in the Hero shop.
Arena – engage in single-player arena combat to test your might and earn diamonds and prestige.
Multiplayer Dungeons – team up with other players beginning at level 25 to sweep dungeons and earn exclusive rewards. (

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