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Drakensang Online


Drakensang Online delivers a premier fantasy epic as a complex online game with visually stunning 3D graphics.

In Drakensang Online you can choose of one of four character classes as you begin a quest that can turn you and other players into a legend for the ages.

Are you a warrior that thrives on seeing the fear in the whites of the eyes of your foes? Then Dragonknight will suit your style just fine. Possessing a formidable array of deadly weapons, Dragon knight relies on brute strength and steely determination to bring the most daunting of enemies to their knees.

Perhaps you prefer wielding ancient sorcery to enchant, manipulate and destroy your foes. The Spellweaver value knowledge as a path to victory by evoking a myriad of deadly spells.

If you desire to take a path in nature you can embark on  journey as the Ranger. Equipped with the knowledge of the wilderness and able to harness its impressive wonders, the Ranger relies on cunning and speed to ambush foes.

Last but not least: the Dwarven Steam Mechanicus. An inventive fellow, the Steam Mechanicus knows one thing: machines. He can build a gun from a pile of pipes and screws, or so the saying goes. Through his inventions, the Dwarves of the renowned Guild of Mechanics are feared in battle.



Dragonknights are Dracania’s most destructive close-combat warriors. Driven by the fury of their dragon legacy, they are capable of spectacular heroic feats.It’s no wonder all enemies fear them!
  Rangers are Dracania’s most deadliest archers. From afar, they can weaken their enemies with mystic attacks, only to obliterate them afterward in close combat using blade bows.
Steam Mechanicae are Dracania’s most skilled craftsmen. Their outstanding inventions, such as fully loaded firepower and rocket packs, make them one of the most dangerous and versatile opponents.
  Mystical Spellweavers use their mana to control the elements of fire, ice and lightning and strike down entire hordes of enemies.

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