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Double Exp. Blackjack Low

Double Exposure Blackjack PRO Low LimitThis blackjack game uses two(2) decks of cards, without the Jokers. The cards are shuffled after every hand is completed.

How to play

1- Minimum wager is 10 FREE Fun chips. 2- Deal will not start until the minimum wager of 10 Free Fun Chips has been met. 3- Click on one or more of the numbered chips, in the lower right of the screen, to set your wager. 4- To reduce your wager, click on the chips that have already been wagered (The red circle in center of the table). 5- Click on the 'Deal' button to start the Hand. 6- To see the House Rules, just click on the "Rules" button, that is located, top left side of screen.

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