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Celestial Dynasty

Celestial DynastyCelestial Dynasty is based on an ancient times Terran. In an age of where monsters and elements of spiritual energy overflows the world. Terrans suffers and are imprison of the true power of the Gods, which they need to practice to get true strength and power of eternal life to liberate themselves! Each person in the terran has different talents and abilities, and in this celestial world they need to fight the evil and chaos. Only the strongest can break through the shackle of limits and through the road of divinity. To become the King of holiness or even to become the new world’s God.

Celestial Dynasty” total different type of MMORPG experience. In the game it allows players to bind together. The game is based on two country: Geran and Beran. Players can choose which country they favor. And in the country they can build guilds and to group up like a family. Protecting each other from enemies and helping each other to become stronger in the game. The game can also be fun to friends or family that come play together. It has a perfect chatting system that you can chat with friends everywhere. For those who are enthusiastic for fighting. You can choose to fight in PVP, PVE, or group up with your guild family to fight other guilds. There are even country to country battles!

Celestial Dynasty is high definition and is rich in construction, equipment system, mount system, wing system, various tasks, simple and highly organized skill system, making the game full of power but not complex, easy to play, suitable for most players. It is absolutely the greatest web browser MMORPG game you can ever find.

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