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Animation Throwdown: The Quest For Cards

Animation Throwdown: The Quest For CardsAnimation Throwdown is a free-to-play card game available on Google Play and the App Store that combines content and characters from 5 cartoon universes from FOX – Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad!, Bob’s Burgers and King of the Hill. Gameplay consists of collecting cards to fight against game characters and other users (auto-battle). You start the game by picking one of five starting heroes, from a selection of one character from each show. Choices are: Bob (Bob’s Burgers), Roger (American Dad!), Brian (Family Guy), Leela (Futurama) and Bobby (King of the Hill).[1][2]

Once you begin, you automatically start in Adventure mode. You have to fight Peter Griffin as a tutorial. The game is played using a virtual deck of 25 cards from which you draw five into your virtual “hand”. You must play either character cards or object cards. Once a character card is played on a correct object card, or vice versa, a combo will take place, combining the two cards into a more powerful one.

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