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Alchemy Story


Alchemy Story is a a crafting simulation game which includes traditional farming elements, with a magic twist. Grow your garden, brew potions, care for your pets and meet new friends. Alchemy Story takes place in a magic realm where people have been transformed into cute little animals by a mysterious witch. Hero in this story receives requests from neighbours, step by step restores the balance. You gather from the wild, feed animals, fish or mine.  You can find savegame created by Zappo Games that includes millions of credits and high amount of resources. 







Favourite Gifts:


Aiden: Moon Fish Penelope: Ruby
Nathanial : Poppy Gabriel: Poppy
Madelaine: Sun Flower Liliana: Pumpkin
Rosalie: Saphirre Noah: Pumpkin
Edward: Shiny Water Jasmine: Butterfly
Charlotte: Queen Bee William: Cherry Log


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